Seeking out writing prompts online infuriates me. I loathe them. They suck. They fail to inspire. So I head to another website and find another writing prompt, and SURPRISE, it also sucks.

It never works out.

One thing I loved about WAR was the mix of prompts tossed my way. They varied. Our writing prompts were songs, videos, pictures. I buried them deep. A picture became a jigsaw puzzle. A song lyric referenced a cab, and so I set my story exclusively in a taxi. This prompt inspired “The Paper Bag Princess” and I buried it in a cheesy ironic t-shirt.

Wanna write with me?

After discussing writing prompts with Emily Slaney in my previous post, I figured I could attempt to start a monthly prompt challenge. Each month I’ll toss you something that I’m currently utilizing for my Patreon-exclusive story.

So let’s get started!

Your December 2019 Writing Prompt

I give you this video of a man illegally base jumping of the Peak 2 Peak gondola in Whistler B.C.:

A Little Background

This event occurred back in February 2014, sparking a manhunt for the jumper. The woman in the video was apparently a worker in Whistler Village, and she attempted to convince the police that she was just a tourist. She was later charged with mischief. Police identified the jumper as base jumper Graham Dickinson. Whistler-Blackcomb claimed that $10,000 of damage was done to the gondola cabin.

Sadly, Dickenson died a few years later during a wingsuit stunt in China in 2017.

Get Writing!

Real-life stories inspire me more than anything else. I provided the above details to perhaps spark you. Take an avenue and get writing. Or bury the prompt as deep in your story as you can, which is my common prompt-approach. No base jumping is included in my WIP but you’ll just have to wait until my Patreon launches next year to find out.

So, have you been inspired to write?

Churn out a finished story by December 20th, 2019. I’ll read 3 of the stories I receive and give them a little dose of feedback.

*Details on how to send me the story to come!

Sound good? Get writing!