I recently had a new short story accepted by Quill & Crow Publishing House for their Anomalies & Curiosities anthology of gothic medical horror. “WHAT?!” you ask. To which I say, “Yes, I wrote a historical gothic horror story!” This is me breaking out into new spaces. The story is called “Woman of the White Cottage” and it’s about female hysteria. It’s also an insane asylum story. Also, it’s got some fun body horror.

And I guess it depends who you are and what you’ve read of mine, but body horror has always been my no-go space for fiction. Which is one cool thing about having a C-section. I kind of got over that queasy feeling enough to use my experience in writing.

“Woman of the White Cottage” features a lot of things I never really thought I’d write, or write about. Like insane asylums. And gardening. And a (sort of!) surgery scene. And a reference to Cardi B’s “WAP”. It’s a nice long 7000 word story and which I got such wonderful feedback on from my beta readers. I even did some pretty extensive research this time around, which was too much fucking fun, honestly. I will be posting more details on the story, including the MOODBOARD post soon, but in the meantime, just hang tight because I’ve got a lot of fiction coming your way in the and I’ve had to make a ton of graphics.

Anomalies & Curiosities drops in May of 2021 but you can pre-order it now (currently on Kindle), so if you do the whole ereader thing, be sure to head on over and pre-order! Also be sure to follow Quill & Crow on Twitter and Instagram to get updates and teasers on this anthology, as well as their other gothic fiction offerings.


Anomalies & Curiosities

A new adventure in gothic fiction, Anomalies & Curiosities features ten terrifying tales of the medically macabre. A collection that explores the intricacies of the human psyche, leaving you with the curious sense of dread that only gothic horror can achieve.