“Phantom Pains” in Now Out in PEACHFUZZ MAG

I know that I literally just shared my gothic horror story, “Woman of the White Cottage”, but I’m back with another new story. It’s an erotic crime story called “Phantom Pains” and it appears in the latest issue of Peachfuzz Magazine.

This is my very first story appearing in a nudie mag, so I’m pretty excited about it.

Normally, I’d post a moodboard and share some details about my upcoming releases before they come out, but this acceptance and subsequent publishing came in short order and I am also short on time with another writing deadline. I do have a moodboard post in the works (EDIT: Check out the “Phantom Pains” MOODBOARD now!) but in the meantime, you can read this nice excerpt and buy yourself a copy of Peachfuzz Magazine and say that you’re buying an adult magazine for the articles!

Phantom Pains


There’s a man at the ATM. He stands in an Adidas tracksuit, his arms crossed. He’s wearing sunglasses even though it’s cloudy outside. The plastic lenses cover his eyes but I know that he’s looking at me. I hold his gaze until the woman in the queue line approaches my terminal.

“Must be nice to sit down on the job,” she says, nodding at my chair.

Bank customers always acknowledge the wheelchair instead of me. The woman slides a cheque across the counter and I glance again at the man, the triple white lines of his tracksuit a momentary distraction.

“If I had to stand like all the other tellers, my feet would be killing me by the end of the day,” the woman says.

Taking money from the drawer, I count the bills into her waiting grasp. “My feet still kill me.”

Her smile twitches. “Oh?”

“It’s a common misunderstanding that paraplegics can’t feel their legs. Mine usually feel like they’re being stabbed with hot knives.”

The woman shifts. She tucks the money into her wallet and stands awkwardly, doesn’t say goodbye, doesn’t apologize, doesn’t wish me well. She heads for the door and nearly misses the man. I meet his blackened gaze a third time and that’s when he finally turns and leaves. 

He didn’t even use the ATM.