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The Phantom of the PodcastJuly 2020

After two and a half years of interviewing hybristophiliacs on his Dear Murderer podcast, paranoid host Mitchell finds himself at odds with his growing fanbase. Then he meets his new guest, Megan, a talented theatre actress who shows him the ropes of exploitation.

Things That BurnJune 2020

When Grad 2020 is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a shy young man meets up with his high school love interest Olivia, a budding socialist who aids in his introduction to the world they’re both about to set foot in.

She was always too forward. Too weird. She had too much to prove, always talking about how we needed to destroy capitalism in order to save the world. Most of the guys still wanted to fuck her. They joked about wearing earplugs. They mocked her Teen Vogue. I held back from admitting that she sometimes made some good points.

The Red HouseMay 2020

Desperate to escape her abusive fiance in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Annie moves into her distant uncle’s heritage home. She rekindles her relationship with her damaged cousin, Emily, but soon discovers family secrets hidden in the shadows of a home she can’t leave.

She followed his guidance back into the house. He closed the door. Locked it. He turned the light on and her gaze went right for the top of the stairwell, where she was sure the shadows moved.

White RabbitApril 2020

On Easter break of 2017, college student Ashlynn revisits the flood-ravaged suburb of her childhood, confronting not her nostalgia, but the mistake she made as a helpless teen.

A bigger rock hits the glass hard enough to shake the blinds. My limbs tighten and tense, but the next rock hits the window and shakes me loose. I shudder in the chair, heart throbbing between the ears again, the lump in my throat making my words bob.
“I shouldn’t have to apologize.”

Cover image for "Spellbound".

SpellboundMarch 2020

When MLM consultant Elena runs into trouble with her small business, her attempts to maintain rank put her at odds with her friends and family. Desperate for help, she turns to her those she holds most dear, only to fall victim to that elusive SPELLBOUND magic.

“I’d love an apartment like yours,” Abigail said. She tilted back the last of her wine. “Be honest, though. Can you really afford this on your SPELLBOUND income, or is it your husband who makes the money?”

Modern RuinsFebruary 2020

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a weary husband and father indulges in an unhealthy obsession with the remains of the abandoned mall in his neighbourhood.

Brad stares into the black vestibule. He sees himself in the glass of the interior doors and the throbbing builds in his skull. He thinks of calling inside, thinks of climbing through the small opening, but then the thinks about how much it would mean to Dawn if he could make it home in time to have one dinner with his family.

Cover image for the short story, "Hostages".

HostagesJanuary 2020

While on vacation in Whistler, socially-anxious Erin reacquaints herself with a stranger from her past. Erin can’t help but find solace in the stranger’s company, but it’s in his embrace that the cold nights start to shake her and the chill of their shared history will eventually come to bite.

“You know I’m not okay.” He rubs the gunshot wound, scratches at it like there’s something inside that he can’t get out. “You’re not okay, either. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t okay.”