(WIP) MOODBOARD: “Phantom Pains”

So I’m working on a new story. I teased it a little in my last post and I’m wary about saying much more. It’s kind of unwritten first rule as a writer to not talk about your WIP, the working title of which is “Phantom Pains”.

It’s gonna be dark and sexy. Like always. Most of my stories adhere to a “formula”. I’m okay with that. I do like to infuse genre elements to my stories too, and this one has some hardboiled crime fiction grit that I’ve been having a lot of fun embracing.

Do you know what’s hard, though? Moving from the novel back down to writing short fiction. For a while, I was in my short story PRIME. I could cram any plot into a 2500 word limit. Then I had to write a novel and every scene needed to be expanded in order to produce a book worth paying $25 dollars in hardcover for.

Well, now I’m back to minimalism. I’ve written my first draft and it’s over the 3500 words the submission call is asking for. So now I’m down to slashing. I’m rewriting scenes. I’m slashing, cutting dialogue, saying more by saying less.

I love the pressure.

I feel like creativity thrives in limitations.

That being said, most creatives only thrive this way for so long. I dream of churning out fiction like L. Ron Hubbard before his Scientology days. That’s like legit full-time writer realness right there. I want the sweat over the keyboard part, but obviously not the Scientology.

I wanna churn out new 2500 words stories for publishing and the occasional 1500 words story exclusive for Patreon followers. Legit writer goals right?