FREE STORY: “Coping Mechanisms”

I promised you a hot free pandemic story last week and “Coping Mechanisms” is now available! For free! For everyone!

Here’s the synopsis for “Coping Mechanisms”:

During the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, Costco employee Jamie endures a violent workplace incident, which tangles her into the calming control of her new coworker, Brendan.

"Coping Mechanisms" by Rebecca Jones-Howe

Pandemic Fiction Time

This current pandemic is really hitting hard. I think we’re all doing our best here, though I hope you’re staying inside and staying safe. Plenty of writers are sharing free fiction and “Coping Mechanisms” is my contribution.

It might feel silly and non-important, but I think that pandemic fiction will eventually become standard in this new reality. This will become history. This is primary resource time. And honestly, while the reality of this pandemic iskind of ridiculous at times, it’s work putting it all down in fiction.

Writing in a time of Pandemic

I’m having a bit of a rough go of things. This Easter weekend beat me up but I think I’m okay. That said, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to write non-pandemic fiction for a bit.

Last night I recorded a little VLOG in preparation for the “Coping Mechanisms” story release. In it, I talk about writer’s block and how us writers can cope. I also mention my recent read, The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters, which helped during my sleepless nights this weekend.

How are you Coping?

I hope you’re doing well and I hope you enjoy the story. Let me know what you think and please share share share! You can also support me by subscribing to my Patreon for more dark and sexy stories or doing a one-time donation on Ko-fi.

Keep well, everyone!