Mug Collection: Cath Kidston “Mews Ditsy” Stanley Mug

Let’s get frivolous and talk about mugs, shall we?

If there’s anything that says “millennial woman”, it’s a mug collection. Despite my husband’s insistence that we don’t need more mugs, I’ll take one home every so often, promising that we’ll get rid of all the matching ones eventually. We haven’t yet, which is a good thing that I’m picky. Every so often I’ll come across a great mug only to find that it’s not dishwasher safe or (God forbid) microwave safe. Cheap mugs are not cool. My collection is.

I promise you that my collection will never contain a single Rae Dunn mug.

Sidebar: What is so great about Rae Dunn mugs? They’re super cheap ceramic with a word in a trendy hand-written font. They’re only popular because a handful of women posted pictures on Instagram, and now women pay hundreds of dollars on eBay for a “HEY GIRL” mug that literally costs $6. Women drive cross-country to get their hands on Rae Dunn. They make literal vacations out of finding cheap dollar-store quality mugs. I mean, I get the minimalist thing, but there are better minimalist mugs out there. Am I right, or am I right?

Tonight I’m drinking coffee from my Cath Kidston “Mews Ditsy” Stanley mug. Cath Kidston is one of my favourite lifestyle brands, which specializes in ultra kitschy British-inspired floral prints. I love floral. I love British stuff. I especially love their mugs.

I added this mug to my cart at just to make the most of paying $40 for shipping. It didn’t look like much on the site, but I was happy when I got it in person. The Mews Ditsy print is bold and vibrant. The cheery flowers make me happy in the morning. They make me happy at night. Best of all, the “Stanley” mug collection is the ideal mug size, holding 16oz (or 500ml) of coffee, or tea, or spiked coffee or tea!

This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. The ceramic is high quality and is resistant to chips. Downside: it’s made in China. That all said, you can’t win every battle. Rae Dunn mugs are made in China too, so beat that, women with only white mugs in their cupboards.

As Kate Spade says, “Live Colorfully!” (which is “Live Colourfully!” in Canadian).

Me, drinking coffee from my Cath Kidston "Mews Ditsy" mug!