Because It’s 2017

I chugged a Red Bull that my sister left in my fridge before I put Maggie down for a nap.

For the first time I didn’t want to take a nap of my own, so I dealt with the dishwasher and the kitchen and tried to find some IKEA shelf hardware that I swore I bought but still can’t find anywhere in the house, and then I took out two loads of recycling and sorted all the beverage cans from New Year’s Eve. The Red Bull’s losing its touch now, so I figure it’s a good time to clamp down with my New Year’s resolutions.

1. Finish my novel. – Not just the second draft, but all of it. Get everything together, third-drafted and beta-reader read (hopefully!), ready to send out to those agents who are obviously going to be looking for a marriage/psychological thriller about Millennials. I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo, and while I may have taken a bit of a break from it to handle the stress of being a retail worker during the holidays, it’s time to get back to the grind and keep my goals going. I’m gonna spend at least an hour every day working on this thing (holidays and other such scenarios excluded).

2. Drink more water. – I don’t drink enough because whenever I feel the need for a beverage, my choice is pretty much coffee about 85% of the time. At this point I’m pretty sure my body is dying for legit hydration.

3. Blog once a week. – Clearly I’ve forgotten about this little space. I still quite haven’t figured how I want to ground my personality into this site. I’m also quite the procrastinator, but I intend to flex some of my writing muscles in a weekly-based auto-biographical manner this year. Just turns out that my post this week is a rather lazy one, but I’m dropping off a Red Bull high, so give me a break.