5 Hottest Progressive Political Commentators


I might like to think of myself as a high-thinking book-reading too-good-for-gossip writer-type, but deep down I’m just a horny lady. I spend most of my free moments during the day listening to leftist political commentary on YouTube. And yes, I have ranked my faves. So here’s my totally arbitrary list of the 5 hottest progressive political commentators which I took wayyyyyy to seriously and spent waaaaayyyyy too much time making.

5. Hasan Piker

To be entirely honest, I don’t watch Hasan that much. I first got into his commentary back when he covered the storm chaser footage of Hurricane Laura. He’s on my list because it would feel wrong to leave him off of it.

I’m not into ripped dudes, honestly, especially now that I’ve hit my sexual peak. My desires lead toward weird dudes with complex baggage. I know that Hasan is known as the “woke bae” of progressive commentary and wine moms like me would normally be all about that shit but it’s just nor for me.

Hasan, however is a fun watch when I just want to laugh. He has pretty decent political takes but I enjoy watching him when I just feel like relaxing and having fun. He makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with friends in my early 20s again.

4. John Iadarola

As it was for many (and despite its recent controversies), TYT was my first dip into the alternative media sphere. John Iadarola quickly became my favourite commentator on the network because he was always very calm and rational. That being said, he does make some of the best quips out of all the hosts. He’s also nice to look at, though I def preferred his Tormund Greymane look.

But what makes John so appealing? He actually is a legit nerd. Sure, I cringe when he calls his fans the “Dragon Squad”, because I’m not like that into the nerd zeitgeist, but I still like his integrity. He knows his politics and applies his commentary on The Damage Report without getting animated. It’s a skill that I appreciate. He takes his perspective into conversations but never supersedes other opinions with his own. He also passionately covers climate change stories in a way that no other commentator does. And he plays board games. Like a shit ton of board games. And he’s always willing to recommend games for people to play on Twitter.

3. Michael Brooks

I debated putting Michael on this list because it feels kind of disrespectful after his sudden passing last summer. But he was attractive and looked super hot while doing the whole Russian mobster thing in his tracksuits. I appreciated it.

I also appreciated his insight. At times he could come off a bit conceited. At times he had the tendency to come off as a dismissive asshole, but he always came at issues with the underlying principle that policy should help everyday working-class people.

He never ceased to make me laugh, though. by laughing. And with his ridiculously complex impersonations. When people ask that “Which celebrity death impacted you the most?” open question on Twitter, my answer is always Michael Brooks, but I doubt most people are even aware of who he was, which is sad.

Rest in Power, Michael.

2. Kyle Kulinski

In all seriousness, I’ve been watching A LOT of Kyle in recent weeks. He’s become my default commentator because he looks at things objectively and economically, as opposed to following a lot of “woke” stuff. At times, I think his unwillingness to embrace social issues a bit troubling, and he has a tendency to skip over subjects like race or gender, but I like having that surface-level commentary on most subjects because he gets right down to the raw issues of things.

I think the main thing that I love about Kyle is that his whole aesthetic, style-wise, is stuck in the mid-00s. Which for me is weirdly attractive? He wears suit jackets with t-shirts and jeans and has a chain and all his logos are like suuuuuuuuuuper douchebro tribal tattoo territory. He’s like all the douchebag things I thought were attractive in my teenage years but amalgamated into a smart and thoughtful man. Which, I suppose now makes him a bit tacky at times, but I don’t care, man. It’s hot.

Technically, Kyle would be my number 1 if it weren’t for…

1. Sam Seder

You’re crazy if Sam isn’t in your top spot. Honestly, for a newcomer into political commentary, The Majority Report can be a pretty dry watch at times. Sam always takes like 5 minutes too long to ramble off his opinion but I don’t even care. I’ve always been a sucker for an older man. The dude is over 50. He’s a divorced dad. Look at his hair. He’s lived through shit. He looks great. And he debates likes a mother fucker.

My husband literally doesn’t understand my obsession with Sam, despite the fact that I consistently explain what all these combined factors do to my lady hormones. But I know I’m not the only Majority Report fan who feels this way, because there are plenty of fans on the MR live chat every day who call Sam “Daddy”, and while that’s definitely not my fetish, I uh, I get it. I do.

Who’s On Your Top 5 Hottest Progressive Political Commentators List?

Did my top 5 hottest progressive political commentators list do it for you? I know this is a different topic from my usual blogging fare. I doubt most of my audience delves in the online lefty politics community as much as I do, but politics has found its way into much of my writing in recent years. These commentators have shaped my stories in some shape or form. And what woman doesn’t enjoy talking about their stupid crushes from time to time?